Birthday Thoughts For My First born

When I was younger, I knew I wanted to be a mom someday, but I had NO IDEA the impact it would have.
As someone who’s always felt deeply, I didn’t think it was possible to love any deeper, any harder…. until you.
That love, it was joyous, and it was painful, in the most beautiful way that pain can be felt. 
 My heart, literally exploding from the overwhelming capacity of my love for you as you were placed in my arms. 
It was a depth I could never have imagined.
Suddenly…  the world changed.
I changed.
You gave so many of us a new title, and the way I viewed the world suddenly became scarier. How would I ever let you out into this great big world and feel ok, that YOU would be ok?
I thought about my own upbringing and knew the way to survive this was to nurture you. To give you the tools you would need to get through this life. To be independent. Driven. Compassionate. Determined. To thrive.
I sit back as I watch you go along your own path.
Sometimes I’m needing to guide you back on track, but just enough that you realize the change to make, and figure it out on your own.
You’re smart.  You’re strong-willed. An observer.  A thinker. You’re an old soul, you’ve been here many times before, I can see it now. If anything, you’ve guided me.
The more I see this in you, the more the world seems less scarier. I feel confident, that you’re going to be just fine. 
These years, they are going so fast. I try to grasp on to each fleeting day as they slip through my fingers like the sands of time. There’s nothing a mom can do, but look forward to your future with hopes that you will fulfill your own dreams. 
 I couldn’t be more proud and feel more blessed to have you as my son.
Thank you for the gift of you.
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