Christian James | Child Modeling Headshot | Connecticut Child Photographer

This child. This child is mine. With dreams so big that all I can do is nurture them. That’s my job. To nurture, guide and give him the tools to go for them no matter how many times they may change. As a professional photographer I’m privileged to do his child modeling headshot. As his mother, my heart warms that he can be so focused on trying to figure out his dreams. As I was photographing him I thought back on the last few years of his life.

Three years ago he shot his first commercial, and we’ve been on this journey of modeling and acting ever since. Each time a casting call or “go see” request comes in we discuss it before I commit him. He is the one who makes the decisions. Do we go or do we not? Modeling and acting aren’t my dreams, after all, they are his. My job is simply to provide him the details. We talk about what’s on the agenda that day. What it will affect, school, sports, his responsibilities, if he goes. We talk about the earning potential, the experience he’ll have. I let him process it, and he makes the decision. Again… not my dream. But it’s mine as his mother to raise an independent decision maker who’s not afraid to go after his dreams.

It was only last year while filming a commercial, that he sat in the directors chair, all smiles and said to me, “Mom, I want to make movies like George Lucas.” Two years before that he wanted to be like Steve Jobs. This year, he’s back to Steve Jobs and still loves George Lucas. Regardless the pattern to both of them is that they are intelligent, creative and innovative. He knows his path.

So this day, as the fog was rolling in over the harbor we grabbed his guitar and walked down to the dock to update his child modeling headshot. It’s during these shoots, when it’s just him and I that I catch glimpses of his future self and my heart becomes overwhelmed……… how fast he is growing.




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