When A Fathers Role Shifts| NYC Indian Wedding

When you’re in the present as a guest, a witness, at a wedding, you know there are going to be those special unique moments. You feel them. Emotions are high; new chapters are being written….. lives are changing.

Many can agree that Fathers are a Daughters first love. Your wedding day is when his role shifts and he steps ever so slightly to the right to make room for the new suitor in your life. There’s a moment of realization for him. When he knows, he has to make that shift, though it’s not always immediate.

Will it be when he sees you for the first time as your waiting to head to your ceremony? Will it be that moment he’s walking you down the aisle and sees your partner eagerly waiting at the end? Maybe it will be during his speech at the reception or possibly at the end of the night. You know, that moment when he gets home, walks into your childhood home and sits quietly on the edge of your old bed. You may never know, but he will have his moment.

Those are raw moments, which when they happen in front of me, as a photographer, sometimes it can be difficult through my own welling baby blues to capture. But, it’s an instant instinct and it’s the very story I’m looking to tell.

At this NYC Indian wedding, I witnessed that moment unfold before me. As the family was escorting my bride and groom towards the exit at the end of the evening, their family and friends began to surround them. As they pushed their way through, a room full of hands raised high in their direction sending prayers and blessings. Tears of joy and sadness in the eyes of many. Dad, had his arms tightly around his daughter, holding her as they walked arm in arm. Kissing the side of her head over and over as he generously wiped away at the salty tears streaming his cheeks. His son in law on the opposite side his arm guiding her as they continue through towards their waiting limo. This moment was their meeting place. This moment was their time. Roles were shifting.

It was time to let her go……


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Father giving an emotional send off to his daughter Indian Bride

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