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Serving Philidelphia, Lehigh Valley, Poconos Regions as well as surrounding areas of NYC and global destinations.

We go where your story is meant to be told.

 I seek adventure.  Especially with travel. I believe in stepping out of what’s familiar. Exploring. Discovering, and trying something new as often as possible. I believe in tight hugs and uncontrollable laughter. I hold a self-earned Ph.D. in snuggling signed and delivered by my two boys. I believe in living with purpose. In fighting for the underdogs, the broken, the voiceless. Listening to and sharing their stories. Empowering them. I believe in giving yourself permission to be a child, to let go of the practical and just BE for a while. I believe in always seeing the best in others even when they don’t show it. Most importantly…. I love the quirky. The authentic. 

I sing in the shower and the front seat of my car like I’m on stage at Madison Square Garden. I may be slightly out of tune, but my kids think I’m a rockstar. Nature, the fresh air, hiking, climbing, walking barefoot, traveling, and adrenaline rushes… all make me feel alive. I crave, ALL THE TIME, the ceviche made by the tall Ecuadorian man at the Panacillo in the old city of Quito. I also know how fleeting life is. The moments that pass us by. The monumental chapters of life. The joys and the loves that we loose in the process at any given moment.

Your story is my story. The good. The bad. The AMAZING. Memories are a keepsake to be captured, savored and shared. I am here to do that for you, to hold sacred and celebrate it with those around you.

I am….. your Documentary Life Photographer



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  • keri bryantJanuary 25, 2016 - 3:32 PM

    Hi Nicole.
    What beautiful photos you take. LOVE your work. I found you first on the IAPBP, list first, (birth photographers- too many letters out there :)) , then recently the woman I was doula for years ago said what a great job and how well-liked you are in the birth community. I am in New Canaan, and would love to get together if you would want to meet.