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“First we had each other. Then we had you. Now we have everything. ”

During my family sessions, I try to make a point to ask parents when the last time they professionally had been photographed was. Most often, the answer is the same. Their wedding day. Just the two of them. So when I’m photographing family moments, there are times I will step aside with the parents and put my focus on the two of them.
At that moment, I guide them into a place of their own. Taking them for a walk down memory lane, as they interact with each other, remembering certain moments in their life. I see this intimate connection unveiling and I’m capturing it.
These images of you are as important as the ones of your children. After all, these images are an investment of memories. They aren’t just for you to cherish. Think about that day when the children are grown, sitting grouped together on the living room floor, going through old images. When they come across that image of the two of you, embraced, cuddled in, laughing. The warmth of that image, the love it makes them feel, THIS is what they are going to think of, this moment OF YOU.

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