I met Luz and Vincent at another wedding I photographed in NYC and was excited when they contacted me a few weeks later about capturing their wedding.  Not only are Luz and Vincent a beautiful couple  but they are a truly connected couple and we had a lot of fun capturing their day. Including her THREE beautiful gowns. YES…. she wore three gowns on her wedding day and I loved every single one of them. Thank  you Anthony Decarlo for helping me capture this day.

Venue: Glen Island Harbor Club New Rochelle, NY

Hair & Makeup : Dana Bartone Cheshire, CT

Dress 1: Bridal Suite Stamford, CT

Flowers: Arcadia Floral  Mamaroneck, NY

Shoes: Bagdley Mischka 

Cake : Brides Mom







Vincent_LuzWedding, Glen Island Harborn Club New Rochelle NY, Latin American Wedding, High End Bride, Sophisticated Weddings, Bridal Suite Bride, Arcadia Flowers Mamaroneck NY, Westchester Wedding Photographer, Corporate Bride
Bride reflection at Glen Island Harbor Club wearing a gown from Bridal Suite of Stamford, CT,  Nicole Taylor Photography,
Nicole Taylor Photography westchester wedding photographer captures the high end bride wedding shoes by Badgley Mischka and Arcadia Florist bouquet Westchester wedding
High End Bride captures veil blowing off at her Westchester Wedding held at the Glen Island Harbor Club in New Rochelle, NY gown from Bridal Suite in Stamford, CT flowers by Arcadia Florist in Mamaroneck, NY
Connected Celebrity Couple marries at Glen Island Harbor Club captured by Nicole Taylor Photography NYC celebrity wedding photographer
NYC celebrity Wedding Photographer captures Bride touching up makeup at high end Westchester Wedding at Glen Island Harbor Club in New Rochelle, NY
Celebrity wedding photographer Nicole Taylor captures guests dancing at Glen Island Harbor Club Wedding
Bridal Suite Bride kisses grooms cheek before reception at Glen Island Harbor Club, beautiful Westchester Bride, Celebrity Bride and Groom

Westchester Wedding Photographer Nicole Taylor captures Glen Island Harbor Club at sunset

 See more images from their day by clicking on the image below: 






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It’s been a month since I have returned from the trip I took to  Ecuador for the Bless an Orphan organization. I still haven’t finished going through all of my images.

From working at the orphanage in the Amazon in Tena, Ecuador and trekking to the villages deep in the rainforest and exploring Banos, Mindo and Quito. I’m anxious to return. This place full of various levels of poverty, breathtaking untouched  areas, developing cities,

it was a place of bliss for me. I was happy to be there and helping to change the lives of a small group of children. I can’t wait to share my whole hearted experience with you. But for now, a VERY small peek at what’s to come!




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Part 3 of 3:

Two Days after the Inspire Photo Retreat I left on a soul seeking journey to Ecuador for 10 days. I traveled with a group of people to work at an orphanage in the Amazon. ( This will have blog posts all of it’s own I promise ) It is here where my journey, my purpose, my NEED to live life came to light. Upon returning from my trip to Ecuador I took a couple days to unwind.As I was sitting in my bed I started thinking about my future goals and plans in my personal life as well as my business. The list started looking like a scroll of the 10 commandments except there was A LOT MORE then 10 on that list. My business ideas started rolling out and I could feel this sense of excitement coming over me as I realized how much clarity I suddenly had.  In that moment I slowly dropped my head  back, peered up to the picture on my shelf of my friend Eric , smiled behind my bitten bottom lip  and then whispered ,  ” Congratulations Nicole……. You’ve found yourself again ! ”

I wasn’t just a wife and I’m not just Christian and Carson’s Mom , I’m SO MUCH MORE and Christin’s tattoo was right… ” I AM ENOUGH! ! “

- I’m a cheerleader for the underdogs, the timid, the reserved, the broken, the lost ones.

- I’m a believer in the quality of life. Enjoying the simplest beauty that it has to offer including the ray of light that escapes through the small break in the clouds. I seek adventure. Life is BEAUTIFUL. I want to Enjoy it! I want to Live it !

- I believe in tight hugs and uncontrollable laughter. They are calming and healing. I hold a self earned PHD in both. Just ask my friends and family. I turn non huggers into huggers.;-)

- I own a successful business doing what I love, meeting new people, capturing their moments, sharing their stories through my eyes and reminding them of their own beauty, vulnerability and loving connections.

- I’m a humanitarian. I do not believe slavery, abuse , torture or hunger should be deemed acceptable in ANY culture.

-  I’m an advocate against Domestic Violence and for Women and Children’s rights because I am a survivor of Dating Violence and a voice for the voiceless and defenseless.

- I believe ALL women are beautiful, fearless and strong. That we should lift and empower each other. Be supportive, courageous and never be afraid to let our voices be heard.  We are more powerful then you can imagine.

- I believe in giving yourself permission to be a child , to let go of seriousness and just BE for awhile. Blow bubbles, use crayons , giggle until your sides hurt…… DO IT!

- I don’t believe in judgement. Everyone has a story and you’ll never know all of it. The only shoes you’re going to walk in are your own and nobody knows your full story,  so eliminate the criticism of others.

- I’m a lover and a fighter. I love people HARD. I know no other way. I fight to help others. I fight for me. My children. My beliefs and to be fearless. I fight in the ring.  Muay Thai has been my outlet for many years and I’m owning it.

- I love children. Not just my own, but in general. Their laughter, their innocence, their imaginations, and often times, their own fearlessness. When given the chance children teach us more about life then our own experiences can.

- I am BEAUTIFUL and WORTHY. I may be a mixture of heritages and lack exotic features but I am BEAUTIFUL because I am ME. Enough said.

- I believe in always seeing the best in others.  Pay a compliment to someone every day no matter how much they may get under your skin.

- Most importantly, I love milk chocolate, baked brie cheese with raspberry preserves. I love Indian food to the point where I think I was Indian in a past life. I sing in the shower and the front seat of my car like I’m on stage at Madison Square Garden. I am ticklish and LOVE to laugh, I play with my hair when I’m nervous , I freak out at spiders, I hate public speaking but do it for my causes and my passions and the civeche made by the tall Ecuadorian man at the Panacillo in Quito is refreshing and to die for. ( I am dying to have some of it RIGHT NOW actually)

I could go on and on. Though this post isn’t really the end….. there’s certainly more to the journey as my life isn’t over. It’s just the fact that I realized It’s OK to be ME. Which we all know already but sometimes we let our insecurities control more of who we are.  Even though I’ve lost so much that I’ve worked hard for  along the way, I’ve gained something that NO AMOUNT OF MONEY can buy. And Being ME, a wholehearted me, lets me know that I’m alive and happy. For years I have lived for others (who can’t relate to that? ), with the exception of my children , who I still live for.  But I live BECAUSE of them. I live to show them that life isn’t just about big fancy houses, expensive cars, clothes and exotic trips ( though I do work to take them, I won’t deny that ). It’s not about the exterior beauty or the superficial things in life. It’s not about impressing anyone and it’s not just about you. I live to show them what happiness is.
Happiness lies within you,  and when you have it, you share it with others and the riches, the success, however you define it, the rewards…….. that follows.

I’m a mother, a photographer, an adventurer, a seeker of joy , a free spirit. I love to enjoy the simple things of life and work hard within my passions to do it. I’ve rediscovered WHO I AM ……. I am Vivid and Brave…….. I am ME !

I would love to hear about who you are too …….






If you missed the first 2 parts:

Part 1: What Happens when the Rock Shatters? 

Part 2:  Vivid and Brave: Rediscovering Who I am 


photo by : Anthony Decarlo

  • Kristen Waterbury - Great post, Nicole! <3 Now going to find some baked brie and chocolate milk!

  • admin - I hope you did Kristen! ;-)

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Part 2 of 3 :

Early February  I was speaking at Inspire Photo Retreats with my friend Crista Acosta where we were sharing our love and knowledge of Birth Photography. Our first day there we attended a class called Vivid and Brave by Christine Tremoulet and Stephanie Ostermann.  I notice a tattoo “YOU ARE ENOUGH” on Christines arm as I walk through and find a seat in the second to back row, 3 seats in. This class was a combination of business coaching and life coaching.  Journaling, Rediscovering who I was by finding my voice.  I knew who I used to be, but I got lost along the way. Life had been happening around me while I was just trying to keep swimming.

Christine and Stephanie talked about doing exercises , some we would share and others we could keep to ourselves. I looked around the room and thought, a room full of people, of many who I didn’t know. Feeling a bit vulnerable here!  I just wanted to slip out so I wouldn’t have to share.  I’m the rock, the survivor, the achiever. I’m successful, a fighter, a hard worker for the accomplishments in my life. I fight for my friends, my family and yet ……. I was feeling like I failed. I failed ME. HOW was I supposed to let these people who didn’t know me, know who I was when I myself didn’t.  I look up holding back tears trying to focus and listen to the words in the air being spoken by Steph and Christine. But all I see is the slide on the screen,  in bold letters :

” The bottom line is that vulnerability is scary and it feels really dangerous, but it’s not nearly as dangerous or scary as spending your life on the outside looking in and wondering, ‘What if I had chosen to show up?”- Brene Brown

BAM! ! There it was ” What if I had chosen to show up?”  Had I been showing up? I sat there and thought for a moment. Not at all. Physically I may have been, but in reality, mentally I was hiding.  I looked around the room, I wasn’t the only one in this humbling place that appeared lost.  I realized,  THIS …… This was the perfect place to be.

The next slide appeared:

” Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. “-Howard Thurman

The next exercise was to create a manifesto. A mantra.  I tried. I scribbled words but they weren’t me. I needed time and space. I needed to decompress. I had been processing so much that my heart was hurting and my mind was emotionally exhausted from forcing myself to ride the roller coaster of internal emotions and memories. I know what I believe in but getting it out in words was something I struggled with. Until ……. 2 AM ! I snapped out of a deep sleep, jumped out of bed, grabbed my notebook and pen and began writing….. ”What the world needs is people who have come alive.” As I was writing, it kept going through my head. Have I been teaching my kids how to live?

As a free spirit who’s been weighted down long enough, it was time to fly again.





Part 1 of 3 – What Happens when the Rock Shatters  

( Please  excuse the iPhone pictures lol )




  • Stephanie Ostermann - I cannot say enough to you how much it means to me to read this. This is why I do this work. I’m sitting in the airport on my way home from WPPI and trying not to tear up. You pushed through. You pushed through the fear and you turned off the voice and you knocked it out. Of. The. Park. I can’t wait to see where you go.

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Part 1 of  a 3 part series:

When friends need you, you’re there. Everyone knows you’re the rock of the family. You can handle the crisis they may be going through and be their support system. You’re strong minded, strong willed. You’ve got this for them. You would do anything to ease their pain, relieve their burden just to make it easier, less painful, less heavy for them in some way. Then suddenly it all turns and moment after moment you’re being hit left and right by life.  No matter HOW HARD you fight to overcome it just keeps kicking you down. No chances to come up for air.  It could happen in a moment, it could happen over a long time span.  But when it’s one thing after another after another and another, you wonder just HOW MANY TIMES do you need to be tested and WHY. No matter how positive your outlook, eventually there might be a breaking point. Then one day, there’s that one thing. That ONE thing that just makes it collapse. You’re world as you know it has crumbled. You don’t turn to your friends because they have enough going on in their own lives and you’ve been carrying some of their burdens for them. You don’t turn to family because well…. same thing. You’re the rock. This is what you do. The people you wish were there suddenly disappear and those you least expect, swoop in and carry you.

This is what happened 2 years ago for me. WOW I can’t believe it’s been 2 years! From dealing with My Moms health, my sons issues in school, still dealing with health & financial issues from my own illness, Marital collapse, and the list just goes on …… I had a very successful business. I am proud of having been able to have left the corporate world 6.5 years ago and build something of my own from what had been a PT business for 3 years prior. It was fulfilling for me. But 2 years ago my world spun out of my control and crashed into some crazy electromagnetic force field that changed all of that. This was by far something I hadn’t ever prepared myself for handling. I don’t think anyone ever really is. But it forced me to step back, slow my life down and redirect my focus. My focus on me. Taking care of me and rebuilding who I am. It’s been a LONG ride and it’s not over yet. This is life, the ride is never over. It’s a journey on a newly discovered path. The one traveled by many, but my road is still grassy and new for this was my own journey, my own path that I had to create from something I always thought I had known and had been wrong about. I needed to take a new direction. One that required me to mow down weeds, plant fresh new seeds and help them flourish. ( Thank you Tom Flint for that )  But the only way to begin doing so, is by starting with myself.

This was a new chapter in the book of Me. I wasn’t sure just how it was going to end…. and though I still don’t, I know it’s better then where it was 2 years ago and the few years prior. The first year was spent grieving, hurting, healing and recovering. The second year was spent grieving  more after another tragedy hit.  But at some point I had to stop and that moment came and it was time to rebuild. I needed to seize these moments and REALLY live for me again. Those wake up calls have hit hard enough.  Life is too short, it’s time to rediscover it. So, I’ll take this moment and pat myself on the back, because with the help of my friends I did just that. I’ve survived what so far should have killed me and I rediscovered the things that make me feel ALIVE.

Much love,





Swinging at the edge of the world in Banos, Ecuador ( 2014 )







  • Crystal - So proud of you! May your light shine brighter than ever! Xoxo

  • admin - Thank you Crystal! XO

  • Autumn Thomes - (((HUGS))) Boy do I know this feeling! I am just starting to dig out from the past 5 years of the universe shoving my face down into the mud. You’ve got this, girl!

  • Abbey - So proud of how far you’ve come girlfriend!!!!

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” Children are like snowflakes…… each one is beautifully unique.”

Cake by : CakeSuite of Westport

I had a wonderful time celebrating my own birthday by capturing this winter princess Avery’s 1st birthday. Avery had just celebrated her  snowflake themed  party pulled together by her mom Michele of Michele Sinacore Events  over the weekend so we continued the theme for her shoot. You never quite know what you’re going to get with a cake smash session. Some babies dive right in and others, want nothing to do with it. . I seem to get a good mix of both. Check out the gallery to see what direction Avery chose. The cake made by Cakesuite in Westport did an amazing job. I even walked away with my own birthday goody bag of sweet treats! HAPPY Birthday Avery!






  • michele sinacore - Thank you Nicole! We are so happy with the photos! So nice of you to shae your birthday with us!! – Michele

  • Nina Solomon - Hi Nicole,
    I am Avery Sinacore’s grandmother & I would like to order some of the beautiful pictures that you took of her. Please contact me with your prices.
    Thank you,
    Nina Solomon

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I’m a true believer that things , situations happen in our lives for a reason. Sometimes those  reasons just aren’t so obvious and months maybe even years  later, you still can’t understand why. How are these things supposed to make us stronger when in reality we feel so much weaker, as though a piece of us has died inside……

This past summer  I tragically lost a beautiful friend , a mentor, a peer, a brother …. Eric Langlois. But he wasn’t just that, he was so much more. An AMAZING father to his children Avery and Ryder , the soulmate to my friend Amber , a brother , a son , a mountain biker, a sarcastic genius and a talented, damn was he talanted , photographer and owner of Raw Photo Design. Working with Eric and Amber I got to witness their connection and form a friendship with them that I haven’t had in a long time, that I don’t think he ever knew how much I cherished. Maybe he did. After all he was a man with few sentimental words (more like a mischievous grin ) but loved with wit, sarcasm and his heart.  So many times I would catch the two of  them snuggled in a corner somewhere having a moment. A moment that sometimes I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of as the two of them were seemingly being vulnerable to each other. In actuality it was usually Eric telling Amber to get to work all while flirting with her in some roundabout way. She would flash him that smile, let out a cute laugh, and his heart would melt every time which quit often lead her to getting away with whatever she was doing lol . He LOVED his wife, he ADORED his children and he kicked ASS with his talent. You may have heard his name, you may have had the pleasure of knowing him. If you did …. you know how heavy his loss was. Not just to his family , but to a whole photography community of brothers and sisters. Hard to believe it’s been 7.5 months. It just doesn’t feel possible still.

Though his loss left a gaping hole in many hearts , what he left behind is SO AMAZING. A gift……. a genuine priceless gift.  One that for the next 6.5  months we  would have to wait patiently for ( though some of us may have been more patient then others lol  ). I remember the day Amber invited me to capture the birth of the new life Eric had left her , the last piece of him for all of us to hold on to. Could I do it ….. Could I hold myself together knowing that he wasn’t going to be here to be a part of this. I was honored to do it. Without a doubt, I knew I could do it.

After long months, a baby shower , numerous texts, phone calls and several get togethers, the day FINALLY came for Amber to head to the hospital. With her sister Stacey by her side her Dr informed Amber it would be hours. Well just like every other birth this was no exception,  unpredictable as well, this little being had it’s own agenda. From 4 cm’s to 10 in an hour Amber delivered at 2:29 am ! At 4:15am  I received a text from her that read :  ” The baby is here! and HE’S BEAUTIFUL! ! ! ! ”  I just remember staring at that message reading it over and over with excitement before it finally hit me… ” HE ?!? ”  , ” HE ! ! ! ! ! ! ” , ” IT’S A BOY! ! ! ! ! ! ”  That was it……. He was here ! It didn’t matter that I missed the birth,  my first time ever in 6 years of photographing births, what mattered was…… HE WAS HERE! BRODY MICHAEL LANGLOIS was here  ! ! !  ”Come as soon as the floor opens for visitors!” was her last text to me before I lay in bed counting down the hours and minutes when I’d finally get to meet this little man.

I arrived to the hospital and couldn’t resist hugging Amber and telling her how proud of her I was and that she did great! Brody was peacefully sleeping. Not wanting to disturb him, after all, we know how exhausting birth is, I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear as I could feel my heart dancing. I pulled my camera out and started taking pictures as Ambers family began filtering  in to her hospital room. All of them eager to meet the new life we have been gifted , so I stepped back and took in the moments. Avery and Ryder were meeting their new sibling for the first time. Their awe…… their excitment at learning they had a baby brother….. priceless.

After awhile it became my turn to snuggle him as Ambers family was leaving. In the moment that Brody was handed to me….. I felt something different. What, I wasn’t sure.  I just sat down holding him in my arms so that he would be facing me and I looked into his eyes and began talking to him.Of course in that moment I was  promising Eric I would teach him all about the “Inverse Square Law”. ( did I forget to mention that Eric was also a self admitted tech lighting geek? go ahead….. look it up ). After a while I realized why I originally had been afraid to hold him. I was afraid I’d cry.  On a day as amazing as this, I didn’t want to cry, especially not in front of Amber who had shown SO MUCH STRENGTH in these past months. Strength that Eric would be SO PROUD OF. Rather, I know he IS proud of. And I didn’t.

A little while later Eric’s dad, Denis arrived. A man of few words but when he smiles, his eyes smile too as they did at the first sight of Brody. The nurse handed him to Ambers father in law and I picked up my camera once again as Denis sat down with the baby. I watched him through my lens, taking in this moment that I felt guilty but had the pleasure of witnessing. It was breathtaking.  A moment that made me realize what I too had felt that I’m not sure any camera could capture. It was a shift. A shift in our grieving process, or at least mine. My shoulders began to feel lighter and I became aware that I was no longer grieving, that I was in a place of joy. Is this what everyone else was feeling ? I’m not sure. I do know Eric’s loss will sit with us for some time if not forever there is no doubt about that. His absence is felt.  I also know that  life goes on and we have the rest of his family , our family to enjoy it with. This baby, Brody Michael,  is a pure gift.  A gift to heal the broken hearts.


Brody Michael Langlois musical slideshow








  • Leeann Marie - And I’m in tears! What a beautiful little miracle. The photos of Brody and his grandfather are just stunning.

  • Patricia Miller - This was simply beautiful . The sentiments, the emotions, the photography, everything . I cried , I smiled , I re read it and I feel privileged to glimpse in on this powerful moment.Thank you Nicole and thank you Amber for allowing us access to this special event. What a beautiful Angel.

  • Aurora - WOW Nicole that was just beautiful tears of joy, it’s such a process learning to grieve and learning to enjoy life again without guilt, what a beautiful gift you have captured here <3 I know Eric is proud!

  • Lucy - This was such a well written and beautiful tribute. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing.

  • Dana - That was the most touching tribute to anyone, that I have ever seen and the video was amazing. The photos brought both a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. You did and amazing thing doing this and i am sure the family will treasure it always and that Eric loves it too.

  • Brian Friedman - Talk about gorgeous images. Absolutely perfectly done Nicole. I love them all. Just beautiful…

  • Kristine - I had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Eric many, many moons ago. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.

  • Therese Poulin - Thanks Nicole
    What a nice tribute believe me my heart want to get out of my chest I am having a hard time to read because of the tears Thanks again for the beautiful moment that you share with us , In our heart for ever Love Grammie

  • Robin - You are a true artist. You have an incredible eye and talent for capturing emotions. I love it!

  • admin - Thank you Robin!

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“It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together… and I knew it.” – Tom Hanks, Sleepless In Seattle

With only a couple of weeks planning Mike and Tara said “I do ” in a very small intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest family members At the Connecticut River Valley Inn.

This was one of the most perfect weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing. With all those years behind you already , I wish you a lifetime more.







Tara_MikeLynch-6252 copy_web




Tara_MikeLynch-6552 copy_web
Tara_MikeLynch-6642 copy_web
Tara_MikeLynch-6812 copy_web

Tara_MikeLynch-7014 copy_web


  • Barbara De Angelo - Beautiful pictures! I feel like I was there. Congratulations! I’m an old friend of your Mom’s Michael. Lots of Love, Luck and Happiness!

  • Deidre M-Brennen Finfelstein - These photos are absolutely gorgeous and capture the inward and outside beauty of a very special couple. Everything looks so relaxed, but elegant, but my favorite pics are of Tara and Mike laughing and being silly. Their true essence is that of having fun and enjoying life!

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